terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

a queda caía em mim


You complain about my silence
And when I try to do talk
You hinder me with your thirsty lips.

And smiling you ask me to forget you
And when I try to do that
You come back again and consume me in delight.

Now you tell me to leave
And when I try to leave
You embrace me, chain me, and you don’t let me leave.

Then you swear eternal pain
But when I look in your eyes
You cry and embrace me in love.

If I’m or I am you
Reverse reason to believe or to see
Why? If I want, it’s to want you.

If I’m yours or I don’t believe
Reverse reason to have or to be
Why? If I live it’s to live you
Why? If I love I love you.